There are a whole host of reasons why you might need to make use of professional tree lopping services in Perth. Perhaps you have a tree which is overgrowing onto a neighbours land or encroaching onto public areas or electrical wires. You might have experienced bad weather and severe damage has been caused meaning that a tree needs the consequently damaged or dangerous branches removing. Maybe you just want to clear a space to open an area up or change the view. Whatever the reason might be, deciding it needs to be done is relatively simple but knowing who to approach to get it done can be much harder. How do separate one tree lopping specialist from the other? Clearly there’s a difference in quality between them and if you look out for a key factors you should be along the right road to selecting the one who will provide you the best possible results.


Take the time to go through tree specialists customer feedback sections. Detailed testimonials will allow you to understand the work which has been previously carried out and how satisfied the customers who received it were. These will often portray the manner of the service such as whether the team were friendly, highly professional, well equipped etc.


Look through a company’s photographic evidence of any previous work. Someone who can provide a large number of images of what they have previously worked on has clearly done numerous jobs and you will be able to see the extent of the work undertaken and variety of tasks which they have performed. Evidence of available machinery and equipment will be visible as will the size of the team.


You will need to understand where the tree specialists operate so you can rule them in or out and then get an inkling of how quickly they will be able to get out to you. Check their claims of response times because they may well be able to get to you promptly if they are always out from the main depot itself or in emergency situations.

Additional Services

It’s often a case that you will need more than just tree lopping done such as stump grinding to remove the final remains of a tree from the ground. Look through all of the potential services on offer to see if you will be able to get more than the primary job done. In addition to this, tree specialists who are capable of providing a wide variety of services will clearly be highly skilled and versatile so will probably be able to deal with any challenge set to them no matter what the circumstances might be.


Any skilled work such as being a tree lopper needs years of experience to perfect. The company you choose should display a large number of years within the field so that you can feel confident that they’ve seen it all before and dealt with it. Be cautious of anyone who does not mention their prior experience as it is always going to be something a company advertises as a primary selling point.

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